From the Girl Scouts

You deserve a medal for this!

This is my 3rd Patrol Challenge. Each time it has been a completely different experience.  Greatest experience for the Crew, and even the parents learned a bit more on how to be better parents!  Great for children to learn how to solve problems and work as a team. Super!

Cici - Adult Leader
Sherbet Elephants Patrol
BS Venture Crew 104 - Cahuenga District

The Patrol Challenge is by far the most exciting activity my daughter has done while in Girl Scouts. 

She has discovered places that opened her mind to history and her surroundings.  She learns so many new things.  The best part of it all is that she gets to share these special moments with her Girl Scout sisters.  Thanks Paul and Jack for the way in which you have enriched our daughter’s lives.

Donyielle – Adult Leader
Junior Mint Delights Patrol
GS Troop 10195 - La Brea Heights SU

From the BSA Scouts

The Scout Patrol Challenge was a wonderful experience.

I learned to be able to talk with people. I didn’t think I could have this much fun in 1 weekend.

Eric – Boy Scout
Dragon Patrol
BS Troop 349 – Balboa Oaks District

WOW!!! Best time ever. 

I had the opportunity to have been a part of 2 Patrol Challenges and had experiences that can never be repeated.  Would I do it all over again...?  YES YES YES!

Arlene – Adult Leader
Pineapple Patrol
BS Troop 737 - Antelope Valley District

Thank you guys so much for putting on this event.

It challenges the Scouts like no other event or outing in Scouting.

Jeff - Adult Leader
Hyperactive Titans Patrol
BS Troop 10 – Balboa Oaks District

Even More Stories!

We all enjoy the clues and sharing our experiences with others. 

We enjoyed laughing as our Troop Leader attempted to row 30 feet on a water bottle raft built by me and my Troop. 

Lucy – Cadette Girl Scout
Sherlock Holmies Patrol
GS Troop 7802 – North River SU

Our girls have never done anything that required them to work together WITHOUT leader assistance for an entire weekend.

Could this even be true?  I brought it up to the Cadettes and they were all over it!!  At 5pm Friday they stood anxiously beside the printer waiting for the packet of clues.  Upon review they were excited, overwhelmed and nervous.  There was massive panic in the room and suddenly everyone started yelling out what items they had or what photo locations they knew about.  We were off to the races.  Sunday came too quickly and the girls have already started to talk about next year… strategies, clues, points… See you next year!!

Janice - Adult Leader
Sugar Skulls Patrol
GS Troop 15491 - Alhambra SU