Girl Scout Experiences

We baked a cake and delivered it to firemen, went pedal boating on Echo Park Lake, played pantyhose bowling (who ever heard of that?), performed a random act of kindness, ate octopus, make edible art and filmed a commercial. Phew!

Oh, and did I mention the things I was subject to?... kissing a live frog, holding a squealing pig and cutting a lock of my hair.  But, I also got to meet the Mayor of Los Angeles, paddle boarded on a plastic bottle raft made by my Scouts, balanced on a Teeter-Totter with 7 girls and my Co-Advisor and saw parts of LA that I didn’t even know existed.  Yep, on balance, I’d say I got the better end of that deal.  This event is amazing!!!
Melissa – Adult Leader
Lost Girls Patrol
GS Troop 6252 - Sagebrush SU

We really like the Patrol Challenge, it has been a great experience.  We have worked as a team.  We have bonded in a special way.  We have seen and visited places that were very fun and interesting.  We have done many cool things.  We have laughed a lot.  We have been challenged.  We have gone out of our comfort zone.  Our experience has been great.
Sophia – Junior Girl Scout
Royal Dancers Patrol
GS Troop 4006 - Mission Valley SU

My first time and I really enjoyed every minute of it.  I will come back every year.  I learned, I laughed, discovered new places and most of all gave my girls a new adventure that they will never forget.  They’re already talking about the next one.
Leslie – Adult Leader
Squadgoals 100 Patrol
GS Troop 401 - Harbor/Lomita SU

It was a great experience for the girls to take on a more leadership role and learning to work together as a team.
Janet - Adult Leader
Cookie Monsters Patrol
GS Troop 975 - South Torrance SU

With our final destination – Church before Check-In (I don’t think there’s any other way to get my Troop to Church if it wasn’t for the PC).  This is the most fun we’ve had in a long time.  I saw things I’ve never seen in LA before, and so have my girls.  I love the Patrol Challenge.  We’ve had the time of our lives, and I’d do it all over again.  Thanks Jack and Paul!
Kim – Adult Leader
Lucky 33 Patrol
GS Troop 336 – Twin Oaks SU

This is my 3rd time as an Adult Patrol Advisor and every year the experience gets better and better.
Janice – Adult Leader
Pretty in Pink Patrol
GS Troop 15491 - Alhambra SU

Love, love, love the Patrol Challenge and we can’t wait to do it again!!
Priya – Adult Leader
Almost Humanz Patrol
GS Troop 5026 – Canyon Star SU

The Patrol Challenge is one of my favorite events.  One of my favorite comments is, “I feel like we are in National Treasure” while we were searching thru the cemetery for clues.  Thank you Paul and Jack for another great Challenge.  It makes my girls a better Troop.  It gives them experience in working together that is hard to duplicate.  It gives them space to work things out, make mistakes, and dust each other off.
Tandy - Adult Leader
Purple Ninjas Patrol
GS Troop 2234 - Stoneyridge SU

What I like about the Patrol Challenge is we get to explore.
Junior Girl Scout
Super-Secret Spy Girls Patrol
GS Troop 1372 – North River SU

As a leader of Girl Scout Troop 4592 for 9 years there have been a lot of fun things we have done.  But I do have to say that this ranks in the top 3.  We laughed, we screamed, and we went places we never would have gone.  I think this weekend was one of great team building and just sharing in a lot of fun.  We cannot wait to do it again in 2 years!  We salute you for your dedication and craziness!
Kathy – Adult Leader
Flower Crowns Patrol
GS Troop 4592 – The Goldens SU

I appreciate the activity of attending a religious service.  We try to integrate our faith into Girl Scout activities as much as possible.  This showed the girls that this was a priority for others as well.  Thanks for all your hard work!!!
Mary - Adult Leader
Mystery Machine Patrol
GS Troop 10585 - King Harbor SU

I am sure the PC will help them in the future because of the planning and researching that goes behind this challenge in whatever they do.  It also creates memories that they will look back on to this event in their lives.  Thank you for creating such a fun, creative and educational challenge!
Helen - Adult Leader
Who Knows Patrol?
GS Troop 925 – Marina SU

Our Patrol Challenge can be summed up in 2 words: crazy adventure!  This is a weekend we’ll never forget.  Our troop is closer than ever and we have a ton of memories to share.  Thanks Jack and Paul for a memorable experience.
Trina - Adult Leader
Mystic Yankee Patrol
GS Troop 481 - Woodland Hills SU

They have blossomed into bright young leaders learning to be team partners and leaders collaborating instead of being bossy.  Way to go Patrol Challenge!
Lisa - Adult Leader
Crystal Blue Waves Patrol
Troop 50152 - Sagebrush SU

It is so gratifying to see our girls confidence skyrocket as they venture out of their comfort zones, ask complete strangers to be silly with them (most say yes) and discover a new world for themselves.  Thank you for another amazing year.  See you in 2017!
Amy – Adult Leader
Sherlock Holmies Patrol
GS Troop 7802 – North River SU

I consider myself a “veteran” of the Patrol Challenge and going into my 4th event I thought, “Oh, this will be so easy, the girls will just do what they want and I’m cool with that”.  Well, they call it “Challenge” for a reason.  The Scouts are in control and you, the leader, are not.  So how the girls use their time to plan (or not plan), keep a list (or don’t) and generally organize their space (or not) is totally, completely and unconditionally up to them.  And that is the way it should be.  The “Challenge” for the adults is to see the friendship, bonding, the problem solving skills evolving and memories forming.  The points don’t really matter.  The experience does.  The Girl Scouts who did this with me in 8th grade are now sophomores in college across the USA.  They remain close friends and posted their Patrol Challenge Star Wars video online to share.
Karla - Adult Leader
They’re Sparkly Patrol
GS Troop 22346 - Stoneyridge SU

This is our second participation and we use the PC to teach life lessons to the girls.  I think it is a wonderful activity and I am so grateful that we stumbled onto it 2 years ago.  Things they would never do before they would now try (including eating Yak) and found it wouldn’t hurt them.  My co-leader and I use this event as a learning experience teaching the girls important lessons such as asking for help, how to stay safe and sticking up for yourself.  Thank you Jack and Paul for making the Patrol Challenge such a rewarding experience, see you in 2017!
Sharon - Adult Leader
The 7 Dwarfs Patrol
GS Troop 5326 - Twin Oaks SU

The girls have used the Patrol Challenge to practice their teamwork, use their ingenuity, reach out to others and learn more about the community we live in.  All this and they don’t even know they’re getting a great lesson because they’re having so much fun.
Cynthia - Adult Leader
Mind Readers Patrol
GS Troop 9564 - Las Colinas SU

I am amused every year at the new and creative clues you come up with.  Thank you so much for providing this addicting event.
Sanford - Adult Leader
Amazing Angels Patrol
GS Troop 613 - Magnolia SU

They have learned leadership, courage, confidence and many other great qualities.  These skills will help them become strong leaders for the future.  What a unique and memorable experience.
Karen – Adult Leader
Sea to Shining Sea-Niors Patrol
GS Troop 12345 – Peninsula SU