BSA Scout Experiences

This year’s Patrol Challenge lived up to every expectation I’ve come to experience from this most unique and anticipated scouting activity.  Nothing inspires a Scouter more than seeing his Scouts engaged, excited and having fun, and there was no shortage of that this weekend.
Scott - Adult Leader
Los Mammuts Patrol
BS Troop 689 - Ronald Reagan District

Our kids have grown.  They developed a stronger bond, learned to lean on each other and tolerate each other’s imperfections.  Fun, educational and memorable adventures that encourage personal growth.  What more could a kid or a parent ask for?
Tara – Adult Leader
Bacon Brigade Patrol
BS Pack 415 - Balboa Oaks District

I loved the Patrol Challenge.  You would not believe all the things I have learned from it.  If I tried to list them your head would explode from reading it. It was my happiest time in Cub Scouts.
Preston – Cub Scout

The Patrol Challenge is one of my favorite Scout activities of the year.  It gives an opportunity for the kids to show initiative, to learn about their city, and to further the ideal of the Boy Run Troop.  It is fun to watch them organize the event and delegate the responsibilities to the patrol members. The most difficult part of the activity for the adults was to keep our mouths shut!
Cliff – Adult Leader
Cobra Patrol
BS Troop 351 – Balboa Oaks District

Saturday was fun earning points.  My friend David laughed so hard water came out of this nose.  The Patrol Challenge is fun every year.
Adam - Boy Scout
Bison Patrol
BS Troop 126 - Las Colinas District

It was a rocky start when the boys built a coffin shaped cardboard boat and named it the SS Titanic.  It took a big leap of faith for me to ride it knowing that impending doom awaited me.  Watching it on DVD I saw the great fun the boys had in seeing the fate of their creation and my demise.  I realized it was worth me sinking in the pool seeing the boy’s laughter and pride at what they had accomplished.
Trina - Adult Leader
Screaming Eagles Patrol
BS Troop 712 - Balboa Oaks District
​PC Note:  These are boys from a difficult gang area with little exposure to anything outside their area.  This accomplishment may have been one of the most important things they have ever done on their own.  You can watch them on the boat video on the website.  You can’t miss Trina, she is the one screaming and laughing!
The patrol agreed unanimously to do it again next time.  Our experience at the Patrol Challenge was once in a lifetime and I don’t think anyone that participated will ever forget this.
Zachary - Boy Scout
Flaming Tacos Patrol
BS Troop 583 - Bill Hart District
I get to see the young adults in my Crew make really hard decisions. I enjoy watching them pool intelligence and draw from each other’s strong points.  The team spirit really comes out during this event.  It is always fulfilling to watch some boys help the others as they split up certain tasks related to the event.  The best part is that this event actually shows an adult leader that all the time spent teaching and setting an example actually does good.
Vinnie – Crew Advisor
Venture Crew 280 – Balboa Oaks District
We think the Patrol Challenge is outstanding and look forward to it every 2 years.  We get to show outside people that Scouting is still alive and we are having lots of fun.  Thanks again for putting on this amazing event.
Boy Scout
Pineapple Patrol
BS Troop 737 – Antelope Valley District
I have been doing this event almost since its inception.  Every year I have a new favorite story.  Every year has its own unique challenges and I love every minute of it.  My thanks and Kudos to Paul and Jack for all they do to get this event put on.
Vicky - Adult Leader
The Krooks Patrol
BS Venture Crew 99 - Las Colinas District
My favorite parts of the Patrol Challenge was 3 things.  First going to the Ronald Reagan Library was cool.  Also I liked building the boat out of bottles.  Finally, my favorite thing was giving tents to homeless people.
Andrew – Cub Scout
Bacon Brigade
BS Pack 415 - Balboa Oaks District​
As I look back I got to learn about a part of Southern California that is part of my family’s history.  My grandma was a riveter during WWII.  She passed away earlier this year but I was connected with her the moment we visited Rosie the Riveter Park.  I understood a little bit more about her life and what she did for this country.
Connie - Adult Leader
Renegades Patrol
BS Troop 10 - Balboa Oaks District
We found the bird sanctuary and finally found him dressed up as King Neptune.  He had a task for us.  We had to canoe out in the water and collect a floating message in a bottle.  This challenge was hard physically and mentally but was definitely worth it.
Thomas - Boy Scout
Rams Patrol
BS Troop 228 - Bill Hart District
I feel this was a great learning experience for the boys.  It definitely promoted teamwork.   The boys learned a lot about making decisions and organizational skills.  Some boys did better than others on some tasks, but everyone worked together to help each other out.  Great experience!
Marty – Adult Leader
Panther Patrol
BS Troop 689 – Ronald Reagan District
There are some things that you do that stick with you for the rest of your life.  The 2006 Patrol Challenge was one of these things.  Through this event I have had the opportunity to work with my patrol, do new things and meet new people.  The clue that was the most fun for me was eating an ostrich burger at Charlie Brown’s. This was a very fun event that I intend to participate in next year.
Chris – Boy Scout
Pokémon Masters Patrol
BS Troop 18 – Cahuenga District