Questions people like you ask.

Q. Is it too late to register?

A. You may register anytime up to October 4th.  But the sooner you register the sooner you can get started having fun with the Early Bonus Clues.

Q.  What will my Scouts get out of this event?

A.  More than they will learn and experience at any other Scouting activity or event.  The attached flyer has a list of what they can learn along with a description of the event.

Q. Do you really have a money back guarantee?

A. YES, we are so confident this will be an amazing event for your Scouts, and you, that we back it up with this guarantee.  BTW this is the only event in Scouting that offers it!

Q. This would be our first year participating.  What if we don’t score that well?

A.  This is a great question – it does not matter one bit how they score.  What matters is what they learn, along with real world life lessons they will experience; and all the while having a bunch of fun.  The Patrol Challenge is a vehicle to teach.

Q. If I register now do we have to start working on the Early Bonus Clues?

A. No these clues are optional.  You can do as many or as few as you like.  Do them to fit your schedule.

Q. If we do the Early Bonus Clues does every Scout in our Patrol have to be there?

A. No, we understand all Scouts cannot be at every activity.  Just go with who can make it.

Q. If I register now can I add Scouts later?

A. Of course. We know once you register and get your clues and the Scouts see how cool it is more will want to participate.

Q.  How is it fair for my Junior Girl Scouts to be competing against older Boy Scouts?

A.  They don’t, every group competes against a similar group. For instance Junior Girl Scouts compete against other Juniors; likewise Bear Cub Scouts will compete against Bears, Crews vs. Crews etc.

Q.  Our Unit has religious obligations will that affect us?

A.  Your religious obligation is primary.  In fact attending a religious service is one of the activities for points.  In other words Worship is a good thing for God, you and the Patrol Challenge.

Q.  Is camping involved?

A.  It can be if you like.  One optional activity to earn points is to camp overnight at a leaders house.

Q. Why are you doing this event?

A.  Because it is sooooo different, sooooo interesting and sooooo much fun!  Along with being a lot of fun and laughs it will introduce you to unique and cool places all over, some that you probably drive by each week and never knew existed. 


It is also the best activity to teach a Scout how to be a leader. 

They must learn to delegate responsibilities,  plan ahead, assign tasks, coordinate people and resources,

communicate with people for info, work within time schedules and

the most important part of being a leader - make decisions.

2015 Patrol Challenge - Sample Clues!